Your wealth, augmented by Neurafund.

Protect your finances with personalized investment briefings and detailed research data.

Personalized voice briefings

Neurafund offers TV-like briefings, personally catered to your portfolio. 
Get the latest report on market performance, the prices of your portfolio items, and the headlines that are making or breaking your plays.
Neurafund AI is built with a hyper-realistic voice synthesis engine.  Our customers say it’s even better than most voice assistants, and it’s completely tailored to your investments.

Research and Intelligence

Charts and Data Points

Detailed research pages offer real-time technical insights including a full-featured candlestick chart with daily, hourly, and minute candles.
Read company descriptions, find their website, track number of employees, and more.


AI Neural Insights

Make faster investment decisions with AI Sentiment Prediction – scaning over dozens of recent articles and computing the total ratio of bullish to bearish bias in the news.
Neural networks run on-device, delivering high speed predictions with no upper limit.
Keep up on your stock’s latest news with up to date articles sourced from over 3,000 publications.


Bearish Bullish

Stay on top of your portfolio


Keep your holdings in check and never miss an important signal.

Neurafund scans your watchlist for anomalies and calculates realtime sentiment in just a few seconds – much faster than a human can.  

See the latest prices and overeall trends in your portfolio performance, at a glance.

Securities Listed On Neurafund


US Market Coverage

Empower your investments.